We specialise in promoting well-being and effectiveness in the workplace, by supporting individuals in new or demanding situations and through change.

Focus - Opportunity - Insight

What makes us different

We believe it is the individual’s own attitude, beliefs and interpretation of external events that has a significant impact on resilience and how stressed he or she feels.

This uniquely individual experience is the area where we work to bring about changes in personal perception and facilitate ways of behaving that lead to a reduction in the stress experienced by the individual and so benefit the whole organisation.

Stay relaxed, whatever the pressure

Our aim

To add value to businesses, by demonstrating how individuals within organisations can manage themselves with greater calmness and clarity of mind, in order to meet new challenges and through times of change, difficulty or stress.

FOI trains and empowers people to remain relaxed, healthy, resilient and stress-free, despite high levels of pressure, by equipping them with the tools and techniques to manage both professional and personal life challenges. We do this through a variety of stress management and resilience workshops and individual coaching.

Minimise stress, maximise control

Our perspective on Stress Management

Whilst employers have legal responsibilities regarding minimising the risk of stress-related illness or injury, what really makes a difference is the individual’s ability to understand and manage their own reactions to what is happening around them. Often it is these elements that are overlooked in management and leadership development and in change programmes.

About FOI Ltd

FOI Ltd was established in February 2002, to provide management consultancy services that focus on personal perception and encourage new ways of interpreting external events and how one reacts to them.

This led to the development of a series of workshops aimed specifically at enabling individuals to remain resilient and to cope with stress, whether due to professional or personal influences.