Stress is the biggest cause of sickness in the UK*

How stress impacts organisations

Taking on a new role or responsibilities places different or additional demands on the individual, testing their resilience. Employers have a legal obligation to reduce work-related stress that directly impacts on their employees.

An estimated 105 million working days are lost to stress each year*

Workplace stress affects an individual's:

  • Performance
  • Memory
  • Self-esteem
  • Concentration
  • Ability to learn

This in turn, reduces productivity and leads to increasing management pressures

Workplace stress generates organisational under-performance

By focusing on the individual, we benefit the organisation through...

  • Better morale and motivation
  • Less conflict and greater staff retention
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved communications both internally and externally
  • Better resilience towards change and challenges
  • Enhanced commitment and accountability
  • Improved client relationships
  • Reduction in stress related absenteeism and illness
  • Reduced risk of stress related claims against the employer

It is the individual’s own attitude, beliefs and interpretation of events that will have a significant impact on how resilient they are and how stressed he or she feels. This individual, personal experience is the area where FOI works to facilitate a reduction in the level of stress experienced.

Our Workshops

Recognising Differences

We recognise that different circumstances require a different approach and different approaches appeal to different people. With this in mind, our training programmes aim to ensure that participants are equipped with a variety of self-help tools to draw upon when faced with a diversity of current and future challenges.

FOI has developed training programmes that use techniques drawn from a wide range of disciplines and practices.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • To understand stress and the body’s responses to stress
  • Understand how your own beliefs affect stress and how to use this to your advantage
  • Natural ways to manage stress
  • Techniques to build resilience
  • Techniques to calm and focus the mind
  • Techniques to help you relax, feel more positive and energised

"The biggest impact I have noticed since attending the workshops is a lot less mind chatter."

Benefits to the individual

Following our stress management and resilience training you will see an improved ability to:

  • Handle stress and stressful situations
  • Accept change
  • Deal with emotions more appropriately
  • Discover greater calmness and clarity of mind
  • Manage thoughts and feelings
  • Focus on success
  • Have a stronger sense of being in control
  • Look for the opportunity in each challenge
  • Have confidence to move from inertia into action

"Your course has helped me put my current challenges into perspective at a time when they threatened to overwhelm me completely."

We find that using a modular format for our workshops gives participants the opportunity to try an assortment of techniques, and allows time for practice and assimilation between modules.

For every £1 you invest in staff well-being, there’s a return of £3 in improved efficiency and productivity*

Post course follow-up sessions are available to consolidate learning and provide additional support.

* Source: The Stress Management Society UK