What Others Say About Us

“Over the five weeks, I have undergone quite a turnaround in my perceived levels of stress. I am sleeping so much better” Mr A Young, Magazine Editor

“Sue comes across as a course leader who actually practices what she preaches while having a realistic view of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Even in the group, I felt Sue worked hard to have a personal dialogue with each person in the class.” Mr A Young, Magazine Editor

“Your course has helped me put my current challenges into perspective at a time when they threatened to overwhelm me completely. I now know I have a complete box of tools to choose from any time I feel stressed by life’s events.” B. Roberts, Managing Director, Blue-Bear Communications

“The workshops have allowed me to stop and think about why I am stressed and which tools and techniques I have been taught to help me relax and have perspective. The biggest impact I have noticed since attending the workshops is a lot less mind chatter.” H Bassett, Executive Director, Soaring Worldwide

“The workshops provided a fantastic insight, not just into the causes of stress but also ways to mitigate it and dramatically reduce its impact.” A.Baggs, Managing Director, Soaring Worldwide

“I feel physically better and emotionally more balanced”. R. Goddard, Oxfordshire

“Working with Sue changed my life! With her help I was able to safely challenge my thinking and make positive changes in my life. Alternating my perspective on life events has freed me up to live happier and positively. Sue gives you 100% every session, I felt really looked after, understood and not judged. I would recommend this to anyone.” T Davidson, Wiltshire

“With your help I have managed to take all my disappointments and turn them into positive learning experiences... It is like a light has been turned on inside my head and the sadness, the upset, the low down feelings I used to get have been replaced with a determination to be happy. I have a whole new attitude which looks for the light in my life, instead of the dark. What if’s and why me’s still pop into my head but my new attitude says in a louder voice, ok accept the things you cannot change and concentrate on all the good stuff. My goodness when you really start to think like that the good stuff gets bigger and brighter and the darkness gets less and less. Thank you Sue for showing me the light, that this way of thinking can really make a difference and I feel I am not stuck in a rut any more. I am still the same person but a brighter, lighter, happier and more confident version of myself and I have to say I LOVE IT!!!!!.” N Wren, Gloucestershire